Energy4All FoundationWe've been looking for a charitable partnership for this year's Tour and Rêve is very happy to announce our association with Energy4All, a Dutch Foundation supporting pioneering research into energy metabolism disorders. These debilitating diseases disturb the basic energy producing mechanisms at the cellular level. Sadly many of those afflicted are children. At present there are some management strategies but no cures.

Energy4All supports the research of Professor Jan Smeitink, and the Nijmegen Centre for Mitochondrial Disorders. Professor Smeitink was awarded the prestigious Princess Beatrix Foundation Jubilee Award in 2006. His research may have long term implications for a number of age related diseases including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Huntington's.

Research has entered a critical phase with the prospect of clinical trials and pharmaceutical backing on the horizon. Rêve's 2011 Tour de France challenge, and the enormous energy expended by its participants will help those suffering from life and death energy deficiencies through the efforts of Energy4All.

In a win-win partnership, Energy4All's wide network of corporate support will provide Rêve with discounted products and services. In turn Rêve will donate our cost savings to the Foundation. Additionally we'll discuss team fund raising efforts with our team when it's complete in early April 2011.

Rêve appreciates the opportunity to contribute to this important research that will change a great many lives for the better.

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