Rêve team in full kit

This is not our official team photo but here are Kym, Heidi, Jennifer, Kate, Maria and Kristen wearing the new Rêve team kit courtesy of Capo Cycling before they left for a lunch time spin around the area. The almost pure cyan blue really pops surrounded by black and the pattern provides a little texture without being distracting or busy. Between the team kit and the team car it's a nice little reminder that VeloDramatic still has design to fall back on if this photography thing doesn't work out.

3 Responses to “Preview Pic – Team in Full Kit”

  1. Hi reve

    Loving the journey, has me close to tears every time I read another installment.

    This is what women are made of and these women are inspirational and the people around them who support them make them what they are.

    Will there be an option to buy the kit in the future? I’m sure lots of other women (and men) are wondering the same thing.


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