I don't know how familiar Bayer is with the term "Aspirin Money" but in my experience it has always referred to the safety margin in any budget, project or funding. Three weeks ago Rêve was confidently tracking along towards departure with a not-insignificant deficit that Wilfred and I were resigned to work off personally through pizza delivery and pet photography for the next six months. In actual fact we always believed the budget would balance itself because from the moment we decided to make 2012 a women's tour we've had unprecedented support and the wind at our backs.

Little did we know that our Aspirin money would come from Bayer Healthcare itself. With its generous support for Rêve team member and Bayer employee Kym Fant, the original pain-reliever maker has taken our headache away and given the project a tremendous boost... picking up all transportation expenses for our 9-person team van, team car and luggage truck. Their eleventh-hour arrival not only balanced the transportation account but it allowed us to present a very polished image as our team car with a custom 9-bicycle roof rack represents their brand on the roads of Belgium, France and Switzerland.

We are all very excited to see the final product wrapped in a base of satin-black overlaid with custom vinyl. It should roll out of the Prowrap facility in Eindhoven Netherlands Tuesday... one day before we arrive. We want to thank all of Kym's friends and supporters at BAYER for getting behind this adventure.

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  1. Matt Crane says:

    Our managed markets team at Bayer is so proud of Kym and her most inspirational team of outstanding women athletes. We’re following you through your awesome adventure and taking motivation from your drive to achieve this tremendous goal. We wish you well the rest of the way and a safe trip back home.

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