Westone custom Elite Series ES3x In-Ear Monitor

Now there's no denying that our team has been treated to some spectacular cycling equipment and kit, but these Westone ES3x in-ear monitors fall into the icing-on-the-cake-it-must-be-Christmas-morning category. Custom made in Colorado Springs these 3-driver earphones set the standard for musicians and audiophiles. The team had the unusual experience of having our ear canals molded by Tina and Lisa at Audiology Associates in Santa Rosa to achieve the impressive -25 DB isolation these amazing earphones offer.

From the one-off translucent blue acrylic bodies formulated to match our team kit to the ImageLock faceplate with RêveTour graphics, these beauties are going to relax and motivate our team whatever we're listening to. You can follow WestoneMusic on facebook and @westonemusic on twitter. OK team, you have three days to download as much music as possible into your smartphones, iPads and laptops to create your soundtrack for France. Tip: include an old Michel Legrand film score.

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