The Bike Wash
Image © 2010-2011 VeloDramatic Cycling Photography.

By the time I'd unpacked my camera gear, started batteries charging, fired up the laptop and got the first card transferring there was usually bike wash action in the parking lot below my window. I've got to give the team credit for looking after their machines even at the end of some very long days in the saddle. Soapy water and a bit of old towel made quick work of the frame, then it was time to inspect tires for anything sharp that might lead to a flat early in the next stage. Nothing worse than flatting in the first hour.

The boys took full advantage of the recovery tights we received from Ben at SKINS. I think the board shorts over camo was the favorite look, and from what I hear an improvement over the euro-pro habit of walking around the hotel in undies.

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