Rêve (www.reve.cc) unveils the ultimate grand tour experience for the accomplished male or female road cyclist. Building on the foundation of two pan-tour circuits: The Tour for Jan Janssen in 2008 and the Tour for Kika in 2010, Rêve will support a team of 15-25 riders challenging the 2011 TdF route. In 2012 the schedule will expand to cover all three grand tours (Giro, TdF and Vuelta).

There are three things that make the Rêve grand tour experience unique. First, we begin with a strong team concept, stressing the importance of sharing the workload and riding as a unit. To reinforce that theme, riders will dress exclusively in team kit which includes a team helmet, two graphic jerseys and socks, all of which coordinate with generic black bibs. Additional pieces of kit: team bibs; hi-vis gilet; arm warmers; and a long sleeve jersey will be available for purchase based on team interest.

The second distinguishing feature of a Rêve grand tour is the integrated photo coverage. It doesn't make sense to complete a mythic ride with a few snapshots from a cell phone to remember the most intense three-weeks you'll ever spend on a bike. The Rêve team story will be told in a commemorative 2-volume set of photo books, again part of the package. VeloDramatic's Michael Robertson is the principal photographer and co-founder of Rêve. Previews of the 2010 books are available on the Rêve site.

Finally, the Rêve team rides one day ahead of the race itself. Riding this close to the event introduces a special dynamic to the route, as every town and village is decorated for the passage of the pro peloton and on many stages our riders will finish inside the barriers as they are readied for the following day's heroics.

Wilfred de Kruijf, Rêve's director sportif and co-founder, has organized epic cycling tours on four continents: Africa (Cairo-Capetown), Asia, South America (Patagonia), and Europe. He's trekked groups 1,000 kms over the Pyrenees on foot, and he's managed both highly successful grand tours for Jan Janssen and Kika. Joined by an experienced support team, Wilfred and Michael will ensure the ride lives up to all expectations before, during and after the 3,471 kms of pedaling.

The cost of the 2011 Rêve Grand Tour is 7,975 euros per rider (approximately $10,650). It includes hotel accommodations for 23 nights, all meals (B/L/D), all transfers during the Tour, team kit, commemorative photo books and a number of other benefits outlined on the Rêve site. And one last clarification, unlike some other epic excursions where riders may choose to ride a few stages or a sub set of the overall ride, this is intended exclusively for cyclists that want to challenge the whole route.

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